Youth Circle

At Sri Mandir, we hope to help the youth connect with their roots and gain a sense of confidence as they are our future.

Our Youth Circle was brought into the picture to give our new generation a place where they could interact with their religious beliefs on a deeper level while contributing towards the upkeep of the temple and volunteering in several religious and cultural activities. Ahead of each function, the Youth Circle gets together and do their bit by taking care of tasks as per their skills and are therefore given an opportunity to give something back to their community and make a difference to the people around them.

Also, with our youth circle, we aim to give them a platform to express their views freely on society, politics, religion, and many more relevant and important topics. It might also help them get comfortable with peer-group interaction, learn from real-life examples and apply them in all walks of their lives. It is a supportive environment to help youngsters improve their speaking, listening, thinking skills without putting any external pressure on them.