Wedding Decorations, Flowers and Garland Making

Any Hindu wedding is incomplete without its unique and traditional decorations that are in accordance with our Hindu rituals. At Sri Mandir, we put forward all the efforts to make your special day into what you always imagined.

From wedding decorations to flowers arrangements and garland making, we arrange it all for you to have a more than perfect wedding experience. With our experts at Sri Mandir, we not only try to turn your wedding into an auspicious affair but also a memorable and beautiful one.

This service is provided by Manjula Mistry, an expert who has been doing flower arrangements and making garlands for Sri Mandir for the last 10 years. Her unique and creative work echoes the skills that she has acquired over the years and she will use them to give any auspicious occasion of yours including your wedding ceremony a beautiful, flowery touch.

To avail of this service you need to inform us a week prior to the celebration so that we can make all the necessary arrangements.