Volunteers Service

Value of Volunteers and Sewa

While as a social group we wish to work towards the collective welfare of the community, we cannot make a significant difference without the help of volunteers who will help us carry out our will. And therefore we encourage everyone from the community, especially the young generation to become our volunteers and participate in the various community activities organized by us like plantation and cleanliness drives.

Sewa is a selfless act that allows you to do and care for something outside of your own self. Through this selfless service, you connect with the world around you and at the same time arrive at a better understanding of the self.

We at Sri Mandir are a religious and social community inclined towards serving the world around us and therefore engage in daily acts of Sewa through donations and serving Bhojan Prasad. So, if you also understand the need for Sewa and believe in it, you can connect with us and become our volunteers for change.