At Sri Mandir, we try to provide young kids with a platform where they could learn Hindu values, etiquettes and incorporate them all into their lives.

We don’t wish for the young generation to grow up unaware of their culture and religion and therefore through various activities help them connect to their roots. We encourage the kids to participate in the religious exams conducted during the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Pooja. Also, every Monday and Tuesday our Panditji teaches Shlokas to young kids to familiarize them with Sanskrit, a language which comes at the core of Hindu religion.

We provide Hindi and Sanskrit classes on Tuesdays to people of all ages, across the community. These are considered to be the sacred languages of Hinduism and give the people a glimpse into our culture. At Sri Mandir, we try to connect the Hindu community in Australia to their religious, cultural, and linguistic roots through education. Also, through our language classes, we try to offer all the religious and cultural enthusiasts out there, irrespective of their social or religious position, access to the rich linguistic heritage of India and the values of Hinduism. No matter where your proficiency in Hindi or Sanskrit lies, we offer classes set to meet your individual levels. Join us and mark a journey into the depths of Hinduism while mastering these languages.

The classes had been put on hold due to the pandemic but we hope to return in full swing once the threat subsides.