Our Priests

Priest of the Temple
Pdt. Jatin kumar Bhatt has been full time priest of Sri Mandir since 2004 and has been the most respectable and recognised priest in the community since then. He has held an excellent image in the community as a priest with his extensive knowledge, patience, & his performance of rituals and prayers. He has performed over 250 marriages as per Hindu rituals. Pdt. Jatinkumar Bhatt is a highly qualified priest with the degree of “Jyotish Alankar”, Bhaskar, Ratnakar and Ratnam in our Hindu religion to serve the community with the astrology, horoscope reading, preparing kundali & providing them with suggestions to their queries at no cost
Priest of the Temple
Name Position Phone Mobile
Pdt. Jatinkumar Bhatt (Jyotish Ratnam) Priest of the Temple, Marraige Celebrant & J.P (02) 9643 1919 0423 341 604