Established in 1977 and located in Auburn, Sydney, Sri Mandir is the first of many Hindu temples in Australia with the aim to meet the religious, social, and cultural needs of the ever-growing Hindu community.

The foundation of Sri Mandir was laid in 1976 when three guarantors, Dr Padmanabh Prabhu, Dr Anand and Dr Prem Shankar bought an old Salvation Army Hall and decided to turn it into a temple for the benefit of the Hindu community. To turn this hall into a place of worship, the images and idols of Hindu deities were installed with all due ceremonies and celebrations.

Sri Mandir was inaugurated in 1977 by Sri Rangnath Ji from the Ramakrishna Mission and Mr. Algrasby, the then Minister for Culture of NSW in the presence of hundreds of devotees from the Hindu community. Then in 2007, to extend the services that Sri Mandir offers to the public, adjacent property was bought and turned it into a Bhawan and was amalgamated into the temple property. Along with the distinction of being the oldest Hindu temple in Australia, the devotees of Sri Mandir can proudly say that they are not confined to any particular social or cultural background and are not limited to Auburn, Sydney where it is located but rather hail from different parts of Australia. Sri Mandir is owned by the public and run by the community and is in no way a trust.