Do’s and Don’ts

Like every other place of worship, Sri Mandir also has certain guidelines that the devotees are encouraged to follow while they are visiting the temple

Things/ activities prohibited inside the temple premises:

  • Footwear, hats/ caps
  • Use of mobile phones
  • Photography
  • Consumption of food/ drinks
  • Smoking, alcohol, or drugs
  • Non-vegetarian food
  • Pets

Guidelines to be followed:

  • Proper attire (Please go through the dress code (*link to the dress code section*) of the temple) while visiting the temple.
  • Observe/ maintain silence so as not to disturb the serenity of the place of worship.
  • Place/ leave your footwear in the designated area. Please do not scatter them.
  • Keep the premises clean at all times and ensure that you don’t litter and encourage others to do the same.
  • Do not touch/ pluck the flora in the gardens.
  • Please do not damage temple property and use the amenities/ facilities properly.
  • Vehicles should always be parked in the designated parking areas.

For further clarifications or queries, please contact the temple staff and help us maintain the decorum of the temple by adhering to the above-mentioned guidelines.