Value of Donations and why we donate?

Every day we come face to face with the economic disparity which exists in the world around us. While the rich keep on climbing the ladder to success the poor keep falling into a bottomless pit.

With an aim to reduce this increasing gulf between the rich and the poor and to help those in need, we engage in regular donations and recommend other members of the community to do the same.

Through these donations no matter how small or big they are, we try to create a world where no one suffers in the absence of basic things like food, water, shelter, and education.

Being a religious institution that believes in the oneness of humanity we think that we all have a responsibility towards our fellow human beings and therefore we all should do whatever is within our power to help others lead a better life. So, if you also believe in giving out your resources for the welfare of your fellow humans, you can donate with us and take a meaningful step towards the upliftment of those in need.

Please use below stated Electronic Transfer (Bank Transfer) details to donate generously. Kindly email the transfer/reference details (full name/email/mobile/address) to for a – Tax Deductible Receipt.

Electronic Transfer Puja and Sponsorship

Account name: Sri Mandir
BSB: 062 223
Account no: 11067599

Electronic Transfer Tax Deductible Building and Education fund

Account Name: Sri Mandir
BSB: 062 443
Account No: 11001618

In person

At Sri Mandir The First Hindu Temple
286 Cumberland Road, Auburn NSW 2144

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