Sri Mandir History

Established in 1977 and located in Auburn, Sydney, Sri Mandir was the first of many Hindu temples in Australia with the aim to meet the religious, social, and cultural needs of the ever-growing Hindu community.The foundation of Sri Mandir was laid in 1976 when three guarantors, Dr Padmanabh Prabhu, Dr Anand and Mr Prem Shankar bought an old Salvation Army Hall and decided to turn it into a temple for the benefit of the Hindu community. To turn this hall into a place of worship, the images and idols of Hindu deities were installed with all due ceremonies and celebrations. Sri Mandir was inaugurated in 1977 by Sri Rangnath Ji from the Ramakrishna Mission and Mr. Algrasby, the then Minister for Culture of NSW in the presence of hundreds of devotees from the Hindu community. Then in 2007, to extend the services that Sri Mandir offers to the public, adjacent property was bought and turned it into a Bhawan and was amalgamated into the temple property.

Along with the distinction of being the oldest Hindu temple in Australia, the devotees of Sri Mandir can proudly say that they are not confined to any particular social or cultural background and are not limited to Auburn, Sydney where it is located but rather hail from different parts of Australia. Sri Mandir is owned by the public and run by the community and is in no way a trust. All the workings of Sri Mandir are managed by an executive committee with Mr. Ajit Singh Parmar as the President. Over the years, the whole congregation of Sri Mandir has devoted themselves to the service of the community and helped them connect with their spiritual side.


Not only is Sri Mandir the oldest Hindu temple in Australia, but Hinduism itself is one of the oldest religions in the world. It is not just a religion but rather a way of life. Even though a majority of Hindus reside in India, it is practiced all over the world and there are many different philosophies and beliefs that are driven by different communities. But all these philosophies share a common belief as to the crux of their spirituality and faith. This is that a person’s purpose in life is to achieve dharma (a person’s true purpose or duty), kama (love and desire), artha(prosperity), and moksha(salvation). If a person continues to strive for these goals, he/ she will not stray from their path and their faith shall not waiver.

Our mission,Vision & Goals

Core values

  • At Sri Mandir, we have immense respect for the world around us, including all its religions, cultures, people from all walks of life, and the environment. Our core values revolve around its people, passion, place, and belief in respecting each and every person.
  • We believe that each and every person of the community has their place in this universe and has a role that they are supposed to fulfill.
  • Passion towards God, one’s faith, and life is an important aspect of a being’s existence.


  • To provide a place of worship to the devotees of the Hindu faith.
  • We conduct daily worship services in accordance with Hindu customs and rituals so that the present and future generations do not lose sight of their faith in the rat race.
  • We also conduct religious education classes, study circles, discourses and celebrate all the Hindu festivals and cultural events to help the devotees stay connected to their roots.
  • As part of religious duty as well as one’s service towards the community, we engage in various community services to serve the poor and elderly.
  • With our practices, we hope that more and more Hindus take pride in their faith and religion and help promote understanding and respect for Hindu philosophy not just among fellow Hindus but other communities as well.


  • To ensure transparency, equality, and accountability of financial matters.
  • To strengthen the bond between the temple and devotees.
  • To follow the principles of Sanatan dharma and its strong bond with the environment and nature.
  • To keep families, communities and our children/youth safe, healthy, and strong.

Sri Mandir Mission

  • We aim to create a space where all the Hindu festivals could be celebrated with all joy and vigor while creating a sense of communal harmony.
  • We wish to strengthen the bond between the Hindu community and their religion by conducting all the rituals and poojas as per Hindu tradition.
  • To maintain the decorum of the temple and other bhavans in the temple complex, strengthening the administrative processes of the temple.
  • To teach and remind the values of Hindu religion, culture, and philosophy.
  • To offer services and opportunities to devotees to fulfill their religious, spiritual, and cultural needs.


You can become a part of our community of individuals dedicated to creating a religious space where all your religious, cultural, and social beliefs would be recognized and taken forward. As a member of Sri Mandir, you will be well-integrated into the working of the mandir and will have a direct say over the various activities/events organized by the us. As a devotee and member of Sri Mandir, you would contribute towards taking forward the torch of Hinduism to the masses and work towards the upliftment of this sacred religion. By paying a membership fee, you will get access to several benefits like:

  • You will always be kept in the loop regarding all the workings of Sri Mandir and your opinion in all matters and proceedings would be sought.
  • You will be given special voting rights during the AGM.
  • Membership Fees: $101